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A wedding and event planning service based in Northern California.
Specialty regions include San Francisco, San Jose, San Ramon, Napa Valley and Carmel Valley.
Available for travel worldwide.


Founder + Lead Consultant

My passion for wedding and event planning came at an early age. According to my mother, when I was just a little girl at the age of 5, I would pretend to host my own wedding ceremony and make my uncle play the groom. I would plan out all the details and direct the entire event while setting up the living room to look like an ideal venue. She said I was smart and sassy and I always had fun.


To this day, I still love the whole planning and coordination process; what I love even more is bringing my clients' vision to life and helping create their dream wedding. Often times I get asked if it's overwhelming or stressful and sometimes it can be; however, it's rewarding and worth every second, and I truly enjoy every bit of it.


Marc Anthony said it right, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

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