"PERFECTION!  Thi was the perfect “day of coordinator” for us and is a MUST for anyone planning a wedding, especially at Hakone Gardens!  My extremely organized mother helped me plan my wedding and she was uncertain of how beneficial a day of coordinator would be since I was having a small wedding. However, I received advice from multiple friends who were recently married that I needed a day of coordinator, so I reached out to Thi.  


Words cannot describe how thankful we are for Thi’s services! The list of services on Thi’s webpage does not begin to address a fraction of what she does. During the rehearsal, she shared her expertise and advice on two ceremony entrance ideas. She helped me, my husband, the officiant, and our family with their entrance, she showed my dad how to do the father of the bride hand-off to the groom, and so much more. The morning of the wedding, Thi arrived early to set everything up. She has exquisite attention to detail to ensure everything is “picture perfect” including the layout of the welcome table, cake table, and arrangement of your flowers. She collaborated with the photographer for beautiful bride and groom photos and also with the caterer and musician to ensure everything ran smoothly. She provided us with a mini coaching session before the cake cutting so we would know what to do. She meticulously managed the wedding timeline to ensure all the events were on time. We did not have a MC, so Thi guided the guests to where they should go, introduced us as the bride and groom, and announced the toasts.  Behind the scenes, she helped to ensure my husband and I were taken care of by bringing us drinks and food. She helped bring all our wedding decorations and equipment into the venue and packed everything up and loaded it back into our car before we left.


If you are considering hiring Thi, you are making the BEST decision you can for your wedding. She is professional, a wedding expert, caring, friendly, extremely organized, and hard working. Thanks to Thi, we had a perfect, stress-free wedding and reception!"

Tiffany + Eric

August 2021

"I’m not even sure how to begin but I am SO glad we hired Thi of Pretthi Affairs as our day of coordinator!!! We originally booked a different coordinator but she bailed on us when she got pregnant so I was back to square one when my best friend referred Thi and her team. I believe everything happens for a reason. I wholeheartedly think Thi was worth everything and I wonder why I didn’t find her sooner. She really puts her heart, soul and energy into BOTH of our back to back weddings (Asian and American) and she definitely goes the extra mile. The fact that she is fluent in Vietnamese is a big bonus because my parents loved her too.  Since the first day I got in touch with Thi, she was always quick to respond and helped answer any of my silly questions. Unlike some vendors, they just want your deposit and signed contract and they don’t respond until right before the wedding... Thi was always available for us and ready to answer my 1 million questions! 

We met a few times for the venue visit and again to discuss more details once we got closer to the wedding date. She prepared the timeline and helped us with our seating/table layout which was so helpful. Thi had me send over all of my contracts and a few weeks before the wedding, she literally took over everything. It took so much stress off! 

On the wedding days, she went over and beyond. Thi and her team showed up as early as they were allowed (and even earlier), helped us set up all of our decor and the tiniest of details, keeping everything on track, to even cleaning and packing everything up. We appreciate you more than I can put into words - Everything from the venue visits, leading the rehearsal, all of the set up/clean up, managing the vendors and even waiting for our last guest to leave the venue plus everything in between. She made sure we got our food AND boba! She legit ran across the ranch to get my bouquet because I forgot it for the bouquet toss, then she ran and grabbed us a chair for the garter toss (lol) because we had dances in a different room. Clearly, she thinks of all these things that sometimes we don’t even think of. Thi helped us with things that weren’t even part of the contract and I cannot thank her enough. Our venue people were a pain in the behind to work with but Thi stayed extremely calm and professional and I couldn’t imagine our wedding without her. 

My sister and my best friend both booked Pretthi Affairs for their upcoming weddings because they saw her work her magic at ours and I know they will run smoothly.

Thi wasn’t just my coordinator but a friend now. Thank you for everything!!! We love you, Thi!"

Michelle + Connlaoth

July 2019

"We had a very small, intimate wedding to plan and at first I was wondering if I could just do it myself. Well, if you are in a similar situation wondering, then let me assure you that hiring Thi will be the best decision you can make for your wedding. Thi was a lifesaver throughout the entire process of preparation and the day of and I now cannot even imagine how the wedding day would have gone without her. She was in charge of setting everything up and she made my vision come true and be even better than imagined. We did not do a rehearsal, we did not have pictures or samples of the layout, yet Thi understood my style perfectly and made the imagination come to life. I was speechless when I walked into the reception area and saw how beautiful everything was. Thi went above and beyond what we discussed when we started working together. She took time the night before the wedding to make floral arrangements for us from the a la carte flowers. She was invaluable in providing ideas and helping me find the vendors that would fit our style and budget. The day of Thi took care of everything just to make sure we had a great day and were not diluting it with logistics. And when something did not go to plan (just a few examples, we had to change the schedule last minute and find a hair stylist 48 hours before the wedding) Thi was there to save the day. She was extremely flexible, shuffled around her own schedule, coordinated with other vendors, provided recommendations, and made everything work out. I thought we needed a miracle and turned out we just needed Thi. I could go on and on but if you are looking for a person who will communicate with you just like your best friend would, will listen carefully to understand your vision and will be there to make your day truly the best day of your life, look no further."

Lesya + Masa

July 2019

"Thi was my day of coordinator for my wedding at Hakone Gardens. She was experienced with the venue so it was easy for me to feel like things would go smoothly. I had never planned a party before so I really needed to feel supported by someone and Thi was my cushion. Everytime I expressed worry about something, she had it covered or would take care of it. On the day of the wedding, she was on-time and everything was set up appropriately. Surprisingly, given the limited amount of time I had to plan my wedding, things went more smoothly than anticipated and I feel like I had a great time. Clean-up was also super fast and we really had no issues from start to finish. I would totally recommend Thi again for other brides trying to plan their own wedding."

Christine + Matthew

June 2019

"Hiring Pretthi Affairs was one of the best decisions we made!  From our very first meeting, we could sense that Thi Tran-Le's level of professionalism and service was top notch.  I only hired her to be our day-of-coordinator, but I felt like she did so much more.  I can only imagine how amazing it would be to have her plan the entire wedding.  In addition to coordinating all our vendors and managing our schedule on the day of,  Thi Tran-Le met with us several times before the wedding to discuss our ideas and plans and do a rehearsal with us.  She was also the first person to arrive at each venue to set-up and the last person to leave after cleaning up at both our ceremony and our reception.  All she had from us was simply our ideas, our vendor list, and a list of all the stuff we had.  She contacted everyone and put everything together.  When we walked into our wedding, everything was exactly where it should be.  Thi was there to guide us and keep everyone on track the entire day, and we did not have to stress or worry about anything at all!   She was there to help us, our bridal team, our vendors, and our family and friends. I highly recommend Pretthi Affairs to anyone planning a wedding!"

Thi + Richard

July 2018

"If I could describe Thi and her team in one word it would be, LIFESAVERS! Not only is Thi incredibly professional and experienced but she is more than willing to do no matter what it takes to make your wedding day go the way YOU want it to go. I’ve heard horror stories from friends about the planners they’ve worked with and after working with Thi I simply couldn’t imagine getting through the process without her. She was always available when we needed her with her suggestions and advice. Thi made me feel a million times better every time I spoke with her during the planning process. The icing on the cake was her ability that shined through on the day of our wedding. Her team ensures everything is spot on the day of and if any of the vendors you hire unexpectedly fall short Thi identifies the issue and fixes it herself by essentially doing that vendors job. Unfortunately we were blindsided by other vendors not showing or pulling their weight on our wedding day (a complete nightmare) and if it wasn’t for Thi I don’t think we would’ve been able to make it out of that issue as miraculously as she did. Our guests still rave about how fun and smooth our wedding day went yet little do they know there were many hidden problems that Thi and her team magically solved. My husband, family and I still talk about how amazing Thi is months after the wedding. I can probably write a book about all the amazing things she did for us and I can’t express my gratitude enough! Everyone needs someone like Thi on their team, she is the BEST!"

Evangelina + Elias

May 2018

"We hired Thi for our wedding day-of coordinator and she did an amazing job! Thi is very professional and organized. From our initial meeting until our wedding day, Thi was on top of it and responded quickly to any questions we had. We can tell that she was very passionate about what she does and was very detailed with her descriptions-- we were sold! She created a timeline and helped us with our rehearsal as well. On our wedding day, everything went very smoothly and Thi made sure everyone was calm and good to go. She also made sure our vendors got their final payments and stayed until the very end to make sure everything was taken care of! Thanks again Thi! You’re amazing at what you do. Couldn’t have done it without you!"

Christina + Edsel

October 2017

"I hired Thi as our wedding day of coordinator after a recommendation from a friend and I'm so glad I did! The wedding wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without her. Thi met with us a few months before the wedding to do site visits where she asked all the right questions so that we were aware of any guidelines or rules from the venue and she assisted us in creating a workable and realistic itinerary. Her suggestions about the flow of the day, how much time should be allocated for certain events, and what has worked in her experience were so helpful.  She made sure that everything I wanted and needed on the wedding day was included and accounted for. She was so helpful in making sure the things on my to-do list were completed such as setting up my wedding sign, table numbers and centerpieces. She was in contact with all of our vendors so that we didn't have to deal with any of the behind the scenes work on the day of. We were so happy with our timeline and how we ended up with extra free time to enjoy ourselves despite initially worrying about a packed timeline. We are so grateful for the time and effort Thi put in because she was definitely essential to making our big day a success!"

Maxine + Justin

July 2017

"Thi is phenomenal! If you're looking for a Wedding Planner or Day Of Coordinator in the greater Silicon Valley, look no further!

Early on, I decided to take on the responsibility of planning and designing our big day, and realized it was necessary to find someone to help coordinate and execute our vision. Thi offered to be our day-of Coordinator, and we couldn’t be any more grateful! She’s engaging, approachable, and responsive to our every question and need. She possesses a remarkable attention to detail and always made sure we were always on the same page. Everything my husband I envisioned for our big day, she made it a reality, and found a way to make it even better!

Thi is incredibly skilled at time management. Despite our short time allowance at the venue, she designed an impeccable timeline and managed to fit in everything we wanted without it feeling too rushed. We received so many positive comments from our family, friends, and even our vendors on how breathtaking the wedding was and how much they enjoyed themselves.

On top of being highly organized and logistic-focused, Thi also an exceptionally swift and creative thinker. As any bride would tell you, even a perfectly planned wedding can have unpredictable surprises. There were a few things that didn’t go as we planned, but thanks to Thi’s quick thinking, our entire wedding day felt flawless from start to finish.

Last but not least, Thi is tremendously supportive and patient. Even during my Bridezilla moments prior to the wedding, she carefully listened to all my troubles and always encouraged a positive and productive attitude.

Thi, thank you so much for making our special day so magical to both of us and our guests! We were able to enjoy the entire day and create so many fond memories without all the stress, and it’s all thanks to your passion and hard work. We sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done for us!"

Rochelle + Jon Erick

June 2017

"When I started the process of wedding planning, hiring a coordinator wasn’t something I thought I needed or even wanted to do. Soon into the joyous yet stressful adventures that come with planning a wedding (in 6 months!) I decided to meet with Thi. Within a few minutes of talking to her I felt so much more at ease and knew I needed her to be a part of this special day. She was organized, professional, and worked wonderfully with my other vendors. She was a true necessity in having the day run gracefully and remain memorable in all the best ways. Recommended by me to all couples planning their I Do’s."

Erica + David

September 2016

"Thi is the best day of coordinator ever! We originally thought we wouldn't need a day of coordinator and that things would just go according to plan. As the day of the wedding approached, many people found out that we didn't have one yet and strongly urged us to get one. We were very lucky to have found her two weeks before the wedding. She was really on top of everything and super productive. She had her notes with her the entire time and knew the timeline well. She has a great ability to assess situations and to come up with quick alternatives when unexpected things happen. We were planning on doing a dress change during the reception, however, when we went to change, we realized that we had left the dress at the hotel. Thi quickly altered the timeline to give us time for someone to pick up the dress and rescheduled our dress change without ruining the flow. Even with the unforeseen situations, everything played out seamlessly to our guests. She relieved us of our worries and allowed us to actually have fun at our wedding."

Connie + Peter

July 2016

"There is much to be said about the logistical prowess of Thi Tran-Le of Pretthi Affairs. As our day-of-coordinator, she was organized and reliable. This can be attributed to her commendable foresight and genuine desire to bring joy to her clients. The stress of planning our wedding remotely was certainly alleviated by her positive attitude, as well as her ability to effectively pull together a wedding party of fourteen, eleven different vendors, and one hundred seventy guests. We wanted an intimate celebration that we could actually enjoy with our family and friends, and Thi truly took this expectation to heart. This was reflected in the well-executed unplugged ceremony and the successful engagement of all guests during our wedding games. The fact that we were able to enjoy our entire meal during the reception, a feat typically unheard of for many brides/grooms, also speaks volumes. Because of her effective scheduling and her promise to prioritize our comfort, Thi allowed us to be fully present during the biggest, sweetest party of our lives!"

Kelly + Eric

February 2016

"Thi was so amazing! I, myself, am a wedding planner/coordinator, which also means, I thought of every detail possible for my wedding day-- the job was not an easy task. It was great to have Thi come on within the last weeks of wedding planning to help me with any planning I still needed to finalize. Thi went above and beyond to make sure everything I planned out was exactly how I envisioned. Thi and her assistant, Jackie, were amazing to work with and they made our wedding day as perfect as I tried to plan it. As much as I could plan for our wedding day, it wouldn't have been successful if I didn't have an amazing day of coordinator like Thi!"

Jenny + Mark

November 2015